Support for more action cameras; GoPro Hero3 and Garmin VirbX/VirbXE

Not long ago, we added support for GoPro® cameras in the iOS app, and early adopters have shown it produces amazing photos and sequences. Now we add support for GoPro® Hero3 as well as Garmin® VirbX/VirbXE and also introduce a high-speed mode using the time-lapse feature of these action cameras.

With a suction cup mount, it's easy and safe to attach an action camera to your car hood. There are many benefits in using an action camera mounted on the hood compared to your phone; no windshield reflections, no car hood in photos, and also a high capture rate (up to two photos every second).

Outside Baltimore (USA) captured by tallguy with a GoPro® camera

GoPro Hero3 and Garmin® VirbX

With in-app support of action cameras it means that you can control your GoPro® or Garmin® camera directly and enjoy all the benefits of the Mapillary app. You can start and stop capture from within your car and capture is automatically paused when you stop at a red light or when traffic is really bad and you have to stop-and-go all the time. Photos are stored as regular sequences in the app and you can review, delete, and upload as usual.

Los Angeles (USA) captured by gyllen with a Garmin® camera

Using a Garmin VirbX/VirbXE

In short, it works like this:

  1. Change to the Garmin® WiFi on your phone
  2. Start the camera in the Mapillary app, select "Yes" to use the Garmin® camera when asked
  3. Capture as usual. The app will control the Garmin® to capture every 0.5-2 seconds (you can change this in Settings).
  4. Transfer photos directly after the capture or do it from the Uploads view later
  5. Review and upload as usual

The photos are saved on the memory card in the Garmin® camera until you delete them yourself. Pro tip: format the memory card before each Mapillary session.

This feature is in beta right now with many improvements to come. As usual, feedback is more than welcome.

Now go explore the world with your Garmin® - and document it on Mapillary!


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