Mapillary Meets Mickey Mouse: Mapping Disneyland in 3D

When Google's Street View cameras made headlines last week after being spotted at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Mickey Mouse aficionados rejoiced at the prospect of seeing their favorite landmarks come to life with street level photos. However, lucky for them, photos like this already exist on Mapillary.

Because Mapillary’s photos are crowdsourced, our maps enable anyone to experience Disneyland through the eyes of the people who love it most. So far, Mapillary has stitched 12,000 photos together, mapping 45 kilometers across six different Disney theme parks around the world. Photo maps are available immediately, and anyone with a smartphone can contribute to them – unlike in Google Street View.

We invite you to explore your favorite Disney landmarks on Mapillary - here are some samples.

You can take a train around Epcot.

Ride a high-speed roller coaster at Fantasyland Station.

Cruise on a boat ride through the Magical Kingdom.

There's a lot of Disney to explore on Mapillary and even more to photograph. If you’re passionate about Disney, help us make virtual tours of the parks a reality, instantly - no need to wait for Google.

/Jan Erik

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