Mapillary Joins the US National Park Service’s Centennial Celebration

In 1916, the US National Park Service (NPS) was created to oversee land that had been protected with national park status. Today, the NPS is responsible for more than 84 million acres, which includes areas such as historic sites and monuments, in addition to parks like Yellowstone. This year, the NPS is celebrating its 100th birthday by encouraging people to explore local sites that are part of the National Park System and then share their stories with the #FindYourPark campaign. It’s a beautiful initiative that showcases how the NPS protects areas of all shapes and sizes.

To give people a chance to not only enjoy the parks’ natural resources through photos, but also through virtual tours, we want to join the #FindYourPark movement with our own campaign, #MapYourPark. We’re inviting all of our community members in the US and their friends to go out and map their parks to share with the world the beautiful landscapes the parks have to offer.

Here’s how to get involved:

Find Your Park: The NPS has created a website that can help you locate nearby parks, historic sites, and other areas that are part of the National Park System.

Capture Your Park: This is the exciting part. Bring Mapillary to your selected park and enjoy the scenery. Capture your walk, bike ride, or drive. If you need a bike or car mount, let us know.

Share Your Park: Upload your photos to Mapillary and make sure to share your excursion on Instagram or Twitter. Use the hashtag #FindYourPark for a chance to be featured on the National Park Service’s website. Make sure to also include the hashtag #MapYourPark and have a public profile when sharing your sequence so we can find your contribution.

If you want to explore nature with some Mapillary friends or arrange a photo walk/bike ride, let us know and we will do our best to connect you with other community members in the area.

Get inspired by the park mapping below (even if it is not a national park) and make sure to stay updated on #MapYourPark!

/The Mapillary team

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