Mapillary and GoPro: Taking Street Photos into the Hands of the Adventurer

We are excited to finally announce that we are part of GoPro's new Developer Program, which was unveiled yesterday at Pier 35 in San Francisco. The program includes more than 100 developers, and we were selected along with 33 other companies to showcase our integration at the launch expo yesterday. It was a busy day showing off how easy our integration lets Mapillary members capture using GoPro cameras. We also met some of the other developers in the program and many GoPro engineers.

Our booth

Back in December, we first announced our integration with GoPro, which makes it easier for GoPro users to upload their photos to Mapillary by connecting the camera directly to our iOS app (Android, we’ll connect you soon too!). We are excited about this integration because GoPro users in particular are often the first to map places off the beaten path and because an action camera is better than a phone in many situations.

At the GoPro Developer event yesterday, we set up a bike to demonstrate how GoPro and Mapillary can work together. We met many of the event attendees, who asked about our technology, how we integrated with GoPro cameras, how our vision technology stitches together thousands of photos at a time. Great fun!

People Johan explaining things.

In the morning, Johan borrowed a skateboard from the Block Risers booth that had a GoPro camera attached to it. He rode down the Embarcadero, uploaded the GoPro photos to Mapillary, and the complete processed view was ready in minutes. Great for demoing.

It doesn't get more 'street level' than this!

It was a fun day, and we had an awesome time talking to everyone at the event. We're looking forward to seeing your GoPro adventures on Mapillary!

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