Support for Multiple Action Cameras

A couple of months ago, we added support for Garmin cameras in the iOS app, and early adopters have shown that it produces amazing photos and sequences. Today we are adding support for multiple Garmin cameras. This means that you can create flexible "camera rigs" so that you can capture more than one direction. With four cameras, you can capture 360 degrees at the same time and don't have to drive the same route as often.

Currently only Garmin VirbX and VirbXE cameras are supported.

How to set-up your cameras

With a suction cup mount, it's easy and safe to attach action cameras to your hood, roof, and even windows. You can use up to four cameras to capture up to four directions simultaneously.

  • If you use two cameras, a good setup is one forward and one pointing 90 degrees to the right. Another option is to put one forward and one backward.
  • If you use four cameras, put one in each direction, at zero, 90, 180 and 270 degrees.

What you'll need

Item We recommend Buy Price
Garmin camera VirbX* or VirbXE** Amazon VirbX or VirbXE $299/399
Suction cup mount GoPro suction cup mount Amazon $30
MicroSD memory card SanDisk Extreme PLUS 64GB UHS-I Amazon $40
USB extension cable Any quality cable Amazon / BangGood $5
Powerful USB car charger Blitzwolf 9.6A 48W Amazon / BangGood $15

*Can capture 1 photo/s
**Can capture 2 photos/s

Using multiple Garmin VirbX/VirbXE cameras


  1. Configure the fastest camera to be the master — a Virb XE is faster than a Virb X — then go to "Wi-Fi" and select "Multi-Cam".
  2. Configure the rest of the cameras to connect to the master camera then go to "Wi-Fi" and select "Join" and then select the master camera.
  3. Change the Wi-Fi on the phone to the master camera.

How it works

  1. Once you have connected the cameras to each other and to the phone, you will see controls for each camera.
  2. Set the direction for each camera.
  3. Capture as usual while driving.
  4. After capture, you need to go to the "Uploads" view to transfer the photos from each camera since each camera will produce its own sequence. After the transfer, you can review and upload the photos as usual

Outside Baltimore (USA) captured by Mapillary ambassador talllguy with two Garmin VIRB XE cameras, one pointing forward and one backward

This feature is in beta right now with many improvements to come. We are also working on camera mounts for easy multi cam setup. As usual, please share with us any and all feedback, especially if you capture anything exciting with this setup!


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