Meet Mapillary Ambassador: Jean-Louis

Meet Jean-Louis, Mapillary Ambassador from Orange, France. Jean-Louis works at the local government and is a board member of OpenStreetMap France. He likes to use slippy maps that gather several sources of information (like OpenStreetMap, Flickr, Mapillary). Examples are Lizmobility, which is a map to show accessibility, and OpenLevelup, which allows to do micromapping on several floors. He is also active on Twitter @JLZIMMERMANN.

We asked Jean-Louis some questions to uncover his Mapillary story.

Why are you using Mapillary?

I love to take pictures: I studied arts and city planning. I like to share what I see: wonder or observe. This is why I started to use Flickr in 2005 to create a lot of albums, and a lot of books and websites used my pictures. I've now got almost 50,000 pictures. My big frustration was that adding a tag, creating albums and finding the good picture was time-consuming. When I discovered Mapillary, it was the answer to my desire – to share the world in a much more powerful way.

Tell us about your favourite sequence

There are many, but here are a few examples.

Mapping for tourism - the Roman theatre of Orange (built in 1st century AD)

Indoor mapping at Gare de Lyon train station in Paris

Mapping waterways around Orange

What is your favourite part about Mapillary?

The function that deletes pictures automatically from the smartphone after upload, and the way each picture is complemented by another. I love to look at time travel and point clouds.

What would you like to tell others about Mapillary?

The best is to come! ;)

If you know how to work OpenStreetMap and you wish to go faster, Mapillary is made for you. If you wish to create services with all the places you explore (tourism, amenities...) – Mapillary is the way to share and use.

What is your best Mapillary tip for newcomers?

Photo-narration: create your story (a sequence by walking, riding, driving), upload on Mapillary and use the play button. Create different views of several seasons and use time travelling.

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