Mapillary Chrome extension

Mapillary community members have captured and shared millions of photos with the world. You might have seen some spectacular examples on our Instagram and in our newsletters. We'd like to announce a new way to discover great photos on Mapillary in the official Mapillary Chrome extension! Every time you open a new tab you'll see a beautiful photo from Mapillary. You'll also be able to experience walking around these photos thanks to MapillaryJS. Just hit "Explore".


The Chrome extension started out as a fun side project to learn how to use MapillaryJS when I started working here at Mapillary. Over time I kept polishing it and finding great images to add to the extension. After using it ourselves we decided it would be great to share it with the Mapillary community around the world.

We're also open-sourcing the code behind it on GitHub. Use it as an example on how to use Mapillary-JS in a project of your own or as a starting point for a new extension. Report any problems, suggest improvements and new features in GitHub issues.

If you have any feedback on the extension let us know through GitHub, on Twitter or in the Forums.

Happy Mapping!


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