Mapillary Partners with Esri to Support Open Data Initiatives


At Mapillary, giving people everywhere the power to capture and understand their local environments is an important part of our mission. For that reason, we are excited to announce our support for open data initiatives, in partnership with Esri, to make creating and viewing data-rich photomaps more easily accessible to the public.

Mapillary now supports open data contributions, allowing everyone from government agencies to private citizens to take advantage of the wealth of data these technologies provide when combined. Communities can freely and easily host, view, and share street-level imagery publicly. The imagery can be licensed under CC-BY-SA, and GIS professionals are able to buy commercial licenses, tools for viewing and editing data (including the Mapillary for ArcGIS web app), and advanced computer vision detection features for asset management or surveys. ArcGIS customers will be able to view existing Mapillary street-level imagery of their communities directly within the Mapillary for ArcGIS web app as well.

Our vision is that this will foster stronger collaboration between governments and citizens, inspiring community members to capture and update street-level photos of their local areas. Several partners have already taken advantage of Mapillary's support for open data, including Johns Creek GA, VicRoads in Australia, and Helsingborg, Sweden. For example, the City of Johns Creek, GA now uses Mapillary to help with a variety of workflows, from traffic sign inventories to basic photomapping—and all at a fraction of the cost and time those initiatives previously required.

In collaboration with the ArcGIS Open Data team, we are working on allowing communities to enable Mapillary on their open data sites. Demonstrations of this evolving integration can be seen at the UC, where we'll have a booth in the Startup Zone. We will be presenting a case study at a State and Local Government paper session at the Esri UC on Thursday, June 30. The city of Johns Creek, GA, will present its approach to collecting and sharing Mapillary photos at the Civic Tech SIG on Wednesday, June 29.

We are excited to see how forward-thinking communities will take advantage of this new integration to create richer and more dynamic maps of their hometowns. Learn more about Mapillary and open data here.

Happy mapping!


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