Mapillary Partners with Continental Mapping for High Accuracy Imagery Acquisition Services


We're excited to announce that we’re teaming up with Continental Mapping, the Sun Prairie, WI-based survey and mapping experts. Together, we’re going to provide an end-to-end solution for state and local government: high-accuracy ground-based image capture combined with powerful computer vision capabilities for processing and feature extraction.

At Mapillary, we’ve been listening closely to customers of our simple street-level imagery solution, and something we hear fairly often is: “just how accurate is it”? Since our platform takes in images captured with any device, the GPS accuracy varies and you can influence this when you capture your own images. While we’ve found that many situations don’t require centimeter-level accuracy, for large municipal projects or state-level network surveys, we couldn’t be more happy to introduce you to our new friends at Continental Mapping, a fellow Esri partner. Continental just purchased a mobile LIDAR system from Mandli — no stranger to DOTs here in the US and abroad — and will be streamlining the hosting, processing and feature extraction of the images on Mapillary.

Read more about our partnership with Continental Mapping and email us at for inquiries.


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