Mapillary Announced as 2016 Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

Our goal at Mapillary is to change the world — at least, to change the way we capture our world and record that representation. So we’re excited to announce this week that we’ve been honored by the World Economic Forum as one of their 2016 Technology Pioneers, a selection of the world’s most innovative early-stage companies.

As one of 30 companies in this year’s cohort, we’ll become part of a worldwide network dedicated to directing conversations about important global issues. We’re looking forward to how this opportunity will help us further our mission of changing the way people make maps and gather data about places.

Mapillary isn’t just about mapping. It’s also about community and connecting people to places. From well-trodden city streets to remote hiking trails, our 20k+ members have taken more than 68 million photos to date. We want to make the world a better, more connected place and to help people understand how the places they care about evolve.

For instance, we’ve been able to map previously inaccessible places like Tanzania, Haiti, and even Antarctica. The fact that people can use Mapillary anywhere, and at any time, makes the possibilities for growth endless. As better technology becomes more accessible, interest in on-the-ground visuals to enhance applications for public works, environmental compliance, city planning, and disaster recovery will only increase.

As a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, we will continue our mission to democratize mapping for people around the globe, iterating on our technology to ensure seamless user experience that results in stunning visualizations of the world. We hope our community sees the recognition as an encouragement as much as we do, we’re all in this together, working on the open, collaborating, building the future.

I’d like to thank all our supporters, community members, investors, friends, family, for being a part of the journey.

/Jan Erik

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