Introducing A New, Better Mapillary

Today we’re excited to release the new Mapillary. This major update will improve the experience of exploring places with a redesigned map and a new viewer. We’re also releasing a new editor to edit photos captured by the Mapillary community, as well as improved upload functionality.

The release we’re announcing today is inspired by all of the exciting and beautiful places captured and shared by our community. Our ultimate goal is to help people and organizations better understand the world around them through photos, so we wanted to create the best interface possible for exploring our community's images.The new design and technology behind this release also creates the foundation for other new and exciting features that are in the works.

We want to send a special thank you to our community that inspires us and provides us with much valuable input. I also want to thank the whole Mapillary team that has been working very hard to make this happen. Together we’re making Mapillary a place to share and explore the world. Every place you share, from your local street to tracks off the beaten path, helps people to experience and understand our world better.

Design principles for the new Mapillary

We cannot wait to get your feedback on this!

Johan & the Mapillary team

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