Your Chance to Shape Our Community: Become a Mapillary Ambassador

We’re happy to announce that the Mapillary Ambassador Programme is expanding. If you feel enthusiastic about Mapillary and want to help grow the community then this is your opportunity.

Mapillary is a passionate community of people who capture and share the places that they care about. Together we’ve already contributed an amazing 91 million photos in 186 countries! Famous landmarks as well as remote places only very few people get the chance to visit are now available for everyone to explore. What is more, we’ve had a great impact by providing valuable image data that is used in e.g. humanitarian initiatives. None of this would exist without the community spirit that is at the heart of who we are.

A very important part of the Mapillary community is our Ambassadors—until now, 12 amazing people from across the world (meet them on our Community page). They are some of the most active and enthusiastic community members who use Mapillary a lot and want to tell others about it. They bring Mapillary close to many regions and groups that are out of scope for the Mapillary team. We work together tightly, exchanging information and helping each other grow the Mapillary community.

Mapillary Ambassadors
Mapillary Ambassadors—the leaders of our community

We are glad to announce the opportunity to take your Mapillary experience to the next level by joining the Ambassador Program. You will be able to really make an impact on the Mapillary community through various activities, while we support you with know-how, resources and goodies. You will get a peek behind the scenes of Mapillary and direct access to the team to discuss everything from upcoming features to experimental gear setups to signs of addiction to the blur editor...

You will be suitable for the role if:

  • You're a true fan of Mapillary (this also shows in your mapping activity)
  • You're a good communicator online and offline, and want to put those skills to use
  • You're ready to commit a few hours per week to the programme for at least 6 months (you can choose to continue, take a break, or resign completely after that)

Even better if:

  • You're from a region where Mapillary doesn’t have an ambassador yet
  • You're part of networks/groups where Mapillary could be useful but is not known or popular yet
  • You've already been involved in Mapillary events, spreading the word and giving feedback to us

There are many ways in which you can contribute to the growth of our community in this role. Our current Ambassadors have all found their unique approaches. Here are some examples of what they have been doing and what you would be doing as well:

  • Organise Mapillary events in your area and encourage/help others to do so
  • Introduce Mapillary at public seminars, conferences etc.
  • Reach out to organisations that could benefit from Mapillary and get them involved
  • Help create resources that the whole community can use (e.g. marketing materials, tutorials, blog posts, translations, GitHub repos…)
  • Share your knowledge and tips to help other people use Mapillary

If this sounds like the challenge for you then please fill in the application form by Monday, 31 October. If you have any questions, send them to We’re excited to hear from you!

/Katrin & the Mapillary team

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