100 Million Photos - Geotagged, Connected, and Available for All

Last year I wrote a blog post when we hit 10 million photos, to mark the date and thank everyone who helped us get there together. Today, we just passed 100 million.

Time travel from the first Mapillary test photo. A lot has changed since ;)

When we launched the first, very rough version of Mapillary in the early spring of 2014, we didn’t know what to expect. We had a feeling that people with varying interests would be self-motivated to help build a visual representation of the places that matter to them and that they would be the best people to do this. That Mapillary would grow into this amazing vibrant community, and a platform for people and organizations to share photos with a purpose was something we could only dream about at that time.

Now, a little over 2.5 years later, over 100 million photos and 2.1 million kilometers have been photo mapped by our community in 190 countries. Mapillary’s mission is to understand the world's places through photos and make this information available to everyone. With an open repository of photos, and data automatically extracted using computer vision, we’re well on our way.

At this milestone in our history we owe a lot of thanks, in particular to our:

  • Ambassadors. An amazing group of people who care about Mapillary and our mission, work with their local communities and give us lots of input, feedback and help improve Mapillary every single day.
  • Partners. We’re trying to push a model with collaboration in the open around assets and technology that traditionally have been kept locked up. There are several organizations that we work with and that help move Mapillary forward. In particular Mapbox, Esri, Mapzen, HOT, the World Bank, HERE, WSP, and Youthmappers.
  • Community. Our amazing community of people with diverse backgrounds and interests, sharing a common goal. You rock! We’re doing all we can to build an inclusive community where anyone should feel welcome and excited about photo mapping our planet. I think together we have come far in this goal.
  • Supporters. Those that cheer for us on Twitter, Facebook and share amazing Mapillary stories with the world, that give feedback, file issues, ask questions, keep us improving and moving in the right direction. Our investors, advisors, and families.

Thank you!!

We’re honored to be photo mapping the world together with you all. Check out some greatest hits from these first 100 million photos.

Onwards and upwards!

/Jan Erik and the Mapillary team

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