Embed Mapillary Street-level Photos Anywhere

Today we are excited to introduce embedding for Mapillary street-level photos. The embed will help you bring Mapillary photos with you anywhere to tell your story.

The embed feature is an easy and interactive way to share Mapillary photos on blogs or websites. It is a quicker and lighter version of MapillaryJS. The embedding allows you to take your Mapillary contributions—or other Mapillary photos—and post them on a web page outside of Mapillary. When you embed Mapillary photos people will be able to ‘walk through’ the places you share without having to leave your page.

How to Embed the Mapillary Viewer

  1. To embed Mapillary photos, find the location or the photos on www.mapillary.com.
  2. Once you have found the place, click share Share on the photo or the map.
  3. When the overlay appears, decide if you want to embed photos only or split the view between photo and map. When decided, click Get embed code.
  4. Get embed code

  5. Copy your embed code and add it to your website's HTML.
  6. 'Photo only' embed view of Catalina Island

    Customize Your Embed

    You can customize your embed by selecting your Mapillary filters. Here is an example with a filter showing detected traffic signs and photos only from @bhousel.


    Customized 'split' embed view of San Francisco

    Enjoy sharing places of the world!

    /The Mapillary team

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