7 Community Achievements in 2016: The Unseen Leaderboards

The Mapillary community has had a great 2016, reaching 100M photos and much more. Let's look at some achievements from this year that are not on our regular leaderboard.

The Mapillary community has had a great 2016, reaching 100M photos and much more. Let's look at some achievements from this year that are not on our regular leaderboard.

In the Mapillary community we work together to visualise the world and the places we love. The key activity is of course capturing photos, and in the middle of November we reached 100 million of them (108 million by now)! This is more than 2.45 million kilometres.

We have a leaderboard with the toplist of contributors in terms of the number of photos (that can also be filtered for each country), but in fact there are a number of stats that reflect the activeness of the community. In this post we'd like to present some of them for the year 2016.

Number of Edits

One of the core ideas of Mapillary is that anyone can contribute with a simple device such as a smartphone. Devices are getting better and better, but sometimes there are still problems with e.g. GPS accuracy (you can read up on it here) or compass angle... These things can be adjusted post-upload. In the spirit of OpenStreetMap, which we are great fans of, we call these corrections changesets—comprising of a set of corrections proposed at a time to the same sequence of photos.

# Username Changesets
1 benthomas 1,988
2 aarongunnar 754
3 nunocaldeira 664
4 zimmy 548
5 trolleway 340
6 marcuscalabresus 286
7 xtyou 235
8 gitne 231
9 carlosz22 198
10 zoegglmeyr 196

Top editor

Number of Blur Requests

When you upload photos to Mapillary, we blur faces and license plates for privacy reasons. But since the algorithm that does that is not yet perfect, some of these items get missed and some falsely detected. Everyone has the opportunity to fix those mistakes through our blur editor, and we're grateful to see that a lot of people invest their time in this. In addition to fixing the particular photos, these corrections also create data that the blur algorithm can learn from—so it's a double thankworthy job.

# Username Blur Requests
1 gitne 48,214
2 dormin 47,695
3 toebee 27,249
4 de vries 18,700
5 thetornado76 13,480
6 zoegglmeyr 11,663
7 richlv 11,286
8 nunocaldeira 10,023
9 californiabear 8,930
10 bernd_niemann 8,493

Top editor

Number of Countries Photo Mapped

Have you ever seen people put pins (dots, flags, ...) on the world map for each country they've visited? It's fun to imagine our community members doing the same for each country they've captured in. Start to think of it, for the Mapillary community these maps would probably tend to look very similar. Travelling is just such a great opportunity to add to your collection of contributions!

# Username Countries
1 roadroid 37
2-3 malenki 20
2-3 cut 20
4-5 micmin1972 18
4-5 janvanbekkum 18
6-7 mberardozzi 17
6-7 ccossio 17
8-9 worldrailer 16
8-9 thema13 16
10 maras68 15

Top editor

Number of Mapping Days

Every once in a while we get questions about how often should one capture. And the answer is "as often as you'd like". Of course it's great if you can go to places no one has been before and get them on the photo map, but capturing your everyday routes several times has great value, too. For instance, you can track how your places change with the Mapillary Time Travel function. It's amazing to see that a number of our community members have spent more days in 2016 capturing than not capturing.

# Username Days
1 allen 328
2 zimmy 313
3 neogeografen 293
4 filipc 264
5 sorcrosc 263
6 bootprint 252
7 jackdripper 225
8 richlv 222
9 miguel andrade 219
10 yasunari 204

Top editor

Number of Consecutive Mapping Days

When you capture a lot, there is the pleasant danger of really developing a habit. Mapillary team members are already very used to friends and family complaining that it's impossible to travel with us because we always take those extra minutes to set up a camera or insist on dining at a restaurant where the phone could be recharged for another mapping session. And we've heard the same from several community members—as is evident from below, some of them have been on long streaks of uploading every single day.

# Username Days
1 neogeografen 68
2 allen 67
3 zoegglmeyr 66
4 zimmy 52
5 synap 39
6 bootprint 38
7 richlv 37
8 jackdripper 35
9 balooval 29
10 yasunari 27

Top editor

Sequences Taken Furthest Apart

As already mentioned, the Mapillary community are great travellers. In fact, people literally take photos nearly at the opposite "ends" of the globe (allegedly the longest distance between any two points on earth is 20,036 km).

# Username Km
1 virtakuono 19,067.5
2 mberardozzi 19,035.6
3 jvasques 18,919.6
4 cut 18,821.6
5 brunosan 18,693.1
6 sej 18,510.6
7 ricmapconciergehlv 18,496.8
8 morray 17,989.0
9 worldrailer 17,784.0
10 roadroid 17,302.6

Top editor

Number of Comments Made

It's great to capture photos, but it's also great to explore what other people have contributed. We can't measure how much time anyone spends on virtual travels (I personally could forget myself to browse around the world for ages), but we have some data about how often people make a little stop in the virtual tour to say hi (or something else) to the person who has shared the place they're currently exploring. It's a great way to connect with the people who share your mission.

# Username Comments
1 lucivo 588
2 xaka 124
3 gitne 108
4 tm3594 86
5 talllguy 50
6 streetview_romania 47
7 mapeaton 46
8 jaakkoh 36
9 manuschwendener 32
10 alimamo 30

Top editor

We hope these achievements inspire you to be active in the Mapillary community in 2017. Regardless of whether featured in a toplist or not, every single contribution counts and is an important part of how great Mapillary is. A huge thanks to the whole Mapillary community, and have an awesome end to the year!

/Katrin and the Mapillary team

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