Mapillary Partners with Trimble: High-Precision Street-Level Imagery at Your Fingertips

Trimble releases support for Mapillary Exporter to facilitate getting map data from high-quality, high-precision street-level imagery.

Last June we released an interactive demo of street-level imagery in the city of Amsterdam, created on our platform with the 800,000 panoramic images that the city released as part of their open data initiative. While we’d love to take all the credit for the magic, it would be remiss of us not to mention a key behind-the-scenes player: the Trimble MX7.

Trimble MX7

A core tenet of the Mapillary platform is support for any type of sensor, whether it’s a mobile phone or professional equipment like the MX7. With that being said, the better the equipment the better the results—so it’s no surprise that the MX7 with its 30 MP panoramic images and high-precision positioning captures images that truly highlight our platform’s feature extraction and 3D reconstruction capabilities.

3D model of Amsterdam created from the Trimble MX7 images

In addition to the wealth of data we extracted (2.2 billion points), the imagery captured with the MX7 offers glorious views of Amsterdam. Even its famous canals were captured in 360° by easily mounting the MX7 on boats.

360° views from the canal

Today, Trimble is releasing support for a "Mapillary Exporter" to quickly streamline MX7 imagery for easy import into our platform. Trimble customers can access the Mapillary Exporter from Trimble Business Center. If you’re attending the Intergeo conference this week, look out for the Trimble exhibit to see this tool in action.

See our information kit to learn about how Trimble MX7 imagery on the Mapillary platform has been used for city planning, asset inventory, international development, and more.

We look forward to seeing more MX7 imagery light up our global map!


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