Celebrating 200 Million Images

Thanks to all of you, we've added another hundred million images in less than a year!

It feels like just yesterday that we hit 100 million images on Mapillary. Really, it's not even a year since then. And today, there's reason to celebrate again because we just reached 200 million!

It's almost exactly four years since publishing the first image on Mapillary (October 8, 2013), and we’ve come a long way. This is thanks to people, non-profits, companies, cities, educational institutions, and governments working together. The collaborative model is working.

Mapillary image count

The entire Mapillary team is honored to work with our amazing contributors. It’s great to see how things are speeding up—while it took three years to build up the first hundred million images, the next hundred million have come more than three times faster.

A huge thank you from all of us!

Thank you from the Mapillary team

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