Sarajevo's most popular virtual map is going to show street-level views of the city via a Mapillary integration.

Rutmap Mapillary integration

BetaTelStudio, a Sarajevo-based company which a few years ago created Rutmap, the most popular virtual map of Sarajevo, has decided to introduce new technologies to the solution. Rutmap's street-level view, which provides search and locating based on street numbers as well as browsing through products and services based on the end user's personal taste, will start using Mapillary.

BetaTelStudio's young and innovative team says this will take Rutmap to a new level of virtual presentation, whereas the map will be fully functional in less then two months.

"The demo has already been presented and is available on Currently, we are working on a new technology which enables easier and faster browsing and all other map options. We are collaborating with Mapillary to apply their solution for virtual presentation," says Elvir Salcinovic, Director of BetaTelStudio.

In addition to the new technology, there are significant changes in the design as well. The first Municipality to be shown in a new shape will be the most popular tourist destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina—Bascarsija (the Old Town).

"Stari Grad (the Old Town) Municipality has been working on improving the promotion of tourist attractions in our area for years. Tourism has been recognized as one of the main economy sectors in the country, especially as one contributing toward sustainable development. This is one of the many tourism-related projects we have decided to support; nevertheless, it is the most visible and the most popular channel of promotion as it uses the newest technology and continues to enhance on a daily basis," stated Ibrahim Hadzibajric, the Mayor of Stari Grad.

The new design using a vector map and virtual technology will replace the existing Rutmap in January 2018.

Watch the demo here.

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