With the recent update of MapillaryJS, we have added controls for fast sequence navigation and better sequence overview. Now you can easily navigate to the beginning, end, or any other position of interest in a sequence.

When working with sequences for inventory purposes or exploring an area, you might want to get an overview of the sequence content, the quality of the captured images, and the characteristics of the surroundings throughout the sequence. It is important that the navigation to get this overview is fast.

Fast sequence navigating and overview

As can be seen in the video above, the spatial navigation arrows disappear when dragging the position dot because in that situation it is more relevant to concentrate on the sequence in question. This behavior also improves performance, as we avoid loading excess data related to surrounding images. The spatial navigation arrows reappear when you stop dragging.

You can try the new sequence navigation in the example application below by opening the sequence controls next to the sequence arrows at the top and pressing the sequence timeline button.

Try navigating through the sequence with the sequence controls

Take a look at MapillaryJS examples if you want to integrate MapillaryJS in your own application.


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