Scaling up with a $15M Investment

BMW i Ventures, Samsung Catalyst Fund, and NavInfo join our existing investors to support growing the world’s largest collaborative street-level imagery platform for extracting map data using computer vision.

Mapillary has come a long way and aims to go even longer to help people understand the world through images and make that data available. We’re announcing an investment round that will let us push even further on developing top-ranking computer vision technology and building a global network of contributors and users of map data.

Mapillary coverage in April 2018 Mapillary coverage in April 2018

The round is led by BMW i Ventures, with participation from Samsung Catalyst Fund and NavInfo together with our previous investors Atomico, Sequoia, PlayFair, and LDV Capital. We are happy to have partnered with investors that share our values and mission about building a platform for sharing map data. Here’s Uwe Higgen from BMW i Ventures on that topic.

“There is a growing need for an independent provider of street-level imagery and map data, which acts as a sharing platform among different players. Sharing data is crucial to maintaining accurate maps and safer autonomous vehicles as no single player has the necessary deployment in place to ensure this. Mapillary has made great progress and built technology that will let everyone update maps in a scalable way.”

Looking back on all the ways that Mapillary has been used so far, we know that there’s a need for a shared platform like this to make better maps, build smarter cities, and develop safer traffic environments. With everything that’s happening around autonomous driving, we know that the need will be even bigger in the future. While the application of Mapillary for this particular technology might be new, the underlying idea is the same from day one: sharing data so that everyone wins.

With this new capital injection we’re expanding the team to handle the growing scale of our operations and to keep pushing our core technology forward. We’re also launching a number of new initiatives that we hope to share with you over the coming months. Stay tuned!

Thank you to all Mapillary supporters out there! Our community, customers, partners, and investors. Thank you for participating and for believing in our mission.

I would also add a special thank you to our amazing hard-working team. It is an honor to do the near-impossible with you all. Onwards!

/Jan Erik

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