Welcoming Till Quack to the Mapillary Team

This week we're happy to welcome Till Quack as Mapillary's first VP of Product

Till Quack Till Quack, VP of Product at Mapillary

The Mapillary team is growing and this week we’re very happy to welcome Till Quack as Mapillary’s first VP of Product.

Since day one at Mapillary, we’ve focused on helping people and organizations everywhere to understand the world through imagery and map data. To do this, we’ve developed some of the world’s best computer vision technology that creates map data at scale. You, the people and organizations in the Mapillary community, have contributed hundreds of millions of images to this mission.

The world has changed since we started in 2013. Advancements in autonomous driving and rapid urbanisation means that updated, accurate, and detailed maps are needed more than ever before. While the world has changed, our mission to help everyone access better maps in a scalable way has not. That’s why we’re so happy to welcome Till to the Mapillary team as our VP of Product.

I’ve personally followed Till’s career from when he first started building kooaba, one of the first prominent startups in the computer vision field, to him then joining some of the world’s most innovative companies where he’s led phenomenal computer vision teams. His experience in building great products using computer vision in large and small organizations makes him perfect for leading the next steps in our product development.

Welcome, Till!

/Jan Erik

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