Celebrating Five Million Kilometers of Mapillary Coverage

At Mapillary, we believe that the best way to visually represent our planet is through people and organizations working together. As of today, our community has collectively mapped five million kilometers!

For our non-metric readers, that’s 3,106,856 miles.

5 million km coverage reached on Mapillary

It seems like just yesterday when we were announcing one million kilometers. This milestone would not have been possible without our phenomenal community, and to you, we send our warmest thanks!

In our ever-changing world, it is more important than ever to keep maps up to date. Accurate and detailed maps are necessary for developing our cities, making advances in autonomous driving, and addressing humanitarian challenges such as recovery after natural disasters. With your contributions, Mapillary is here to help everyone understand the world’s places. Here are five awesome routes that have been explored by the Mapillary community.

Route 66, USA
Memorialized in song by Nat King Cole, Route 66 is a retired highway that was once the major transit route for people moving westward in the US. These days, you can cycle the same route that was once called “The Mother Road” by the American author John Steinbeck (as one of our members did).

La Route Des Grandes Alpes, France
This famous mountain road takes travelers through the Alps on a journey from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean Sea. The 720 km route is open to travelers from June to October, when there is no snow to block the 18 mountain passages.

Pacific Coast Highway, USA
Hugging the coast of Central California, the Pacific Coast Highway is an iconic American route that was part of a 1900s project to connect Canada and Mexico. Due to its location, the route is susceptible to landslides, especially from storms in the winter months.

The Ring Road, Iceland
The Ring Road is a 1,332 km stretch that takes you around Iceland and connects many of the most popular tourist destinations. It’s recommended to give this trip at least a week (or two) to do it justice, and not to attempt it in the wintertime unless you are very familiar with those driving conditions.

Great Ocean Road, Australia
Another trip that should be given the appropriate time to appreciate is the Great Ocean Road, which was built to commemorate those who served in World War I. This route takes you along the southern Australian coastline, through pockets of rainforest, and is well known for its hiking opportunities.

What are some of your favorite routes on Mapillary? Tell us in the comments!


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