Improved Upload Management in the Desktop Uploader

Uploading thousands of images got even easier with the latest release of the Mapillary Desktop Uploader, which adds functionality for previewing images and managing your upload history. Spend less time handling your uploads and more time improving maps!

Mapillary Desktop Uploader

At the end of last year, we released the Mapillary Desktop Uploader to power uploading large image volumes to Mapillary and thereby scale up access to fresh map data. If you’ve spent a good few hours out capturing—perhaps completing tasks assigned to you in Capture Projects—you’ll have tens of thousands of images to upload. With the Desktop Uploader, you just add them in a batch and leave your computer to it, while you spend your time on other things.

Now we’ve just released an enhanced version of the Desktop Uploader that makes it even easier to manage your uploads. The two key additions are a built-in image viewer so that you can visually check your added imagery (see it in the screenshot above) before hitting the upload button, and an upload history log that makes it clear which folders you have already uploaded.

The history also lists any uploads that didn’t complete, either due to some error or because you stopped the process, and enables you to resume them right where they left off. You can also ask the Uploader to delete the image files from your computer or to open the folder they're in if you want to access the files directly.

Upload history in the Desktop Uploader

All in all, this means less time spent on keeping tabs of which imagery you have yet to upload, so you can focus on making use of the map data generated from the imagery—whether you’re doing a traffic sign inventory, mapping out cycling infrastructure on OpenStreetMap, or are on a quest to “turn all unmapped roads green”.

If you already have the Desktop Uploader installed, you'll get the update automatically. If you haven't started yet, head to the download page and give it a try!

/Matias, Front-End Developer

Download the Desktop Uploader →

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