And here are the winners!: Guess When We Hit 500 Million Images and Win a BlackVue Camera

Approaching the 500 millionth images on the Mapillary platform, we invited our community to guess when the 500 millionth image would be uploaded and enter the race to win a BlackVue camera and Mapillary swag.

We have a winner! The 500 millionth image was uploaded on April 4, 2019 at 15:16 CEST by i_drive_alot.

A big thanks to everyone who participated. The winner of our competition to guess the timing of this image was Mapillary community member talpidae, who was just sixteen minutes shy in their guess of when we would hit 500 million images. With over 840 km worth of imagery already uploaded by talpidae since joining the community about one year ago, we hope they will get a lot of use out of this BlackVue.

1st prize (BlackVue camera, Mapillary t-shirt, sunglasses, and notebook): talpidae
2nd prize (Mapillary t-shirt, sunglasses, and notebook): masterofnoroad
3rd prize (Mapillary t-shirt and notebook): douglasogarrido

Congratulations to all of our winners, including i_drive_alot, who uploaded the 500 millionth image. We will be shipping out prizes shortly, including a special gift for i_drive_alot.

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As some of you might have noticed, we are rapidly approaching the 500 millionth image to be uploaded to Mapillary. This is remarkable. It’s hard to imagine now, but we didn’t know when we first started whether the Mapillary model would work. Would people actually go out in the world, capture imagery, and happily share that imagery on the Mapillary platform and open up the data to everyone? To this date, it’s one of the most common questions we get about Mapillary—what motivates people to capture imagery and upload them to Mapillary?

Mapillary global coverage

There are as many reasons as there are contributors. What they all have in common is recognizing the need for a collaborative platform to map the world and make that data available. And nearly 500 million images later, it’s been a long time since it was confirmed that the Mapillary model both works and scales.

To celebrate that we’ve nearly reached this milestone (and perhaps spur you on to get us there even faster), we’re launching a competition. Your task is to guess when the 500 millionth image will be uploaded to the nearest hour and minute. We have a BlackVue camera and lots of Mapillary swag up for grabs—all to help you capture more street-level imagery and more map data, for everyone. The closer your guess gets to the time when the 500 millionth image is uploaded, the closer you get to the top prize.

1st prize: BlackVue camera, Mapillary t-shirt, sunglasses, and notebook
2nd prize: Mapillary t-shirt, sunglasses, and notebook
3rd prize: Mapillary t-shirt and notebook

Here’s how you enter the competition
Fill out this Google form, outlining what date and what time you think the 500 millionth image will be uploaded to Mapillary (you can follow the live count on our website), as well as your name, address, Mapillary username, and your shirt size.

Live Mapillary image count Follow the live image count on our website

The competition will run until Sunday, March 31, 21.00 CET.

Best of luck!

/Edoardo, Strategic Partnerships Manager

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