500 million images available to everyone

We just hit another milestone for our platform. More than 500 million images have been uploaded to Mapillary by our amazing community, customers, and partners worldwide.

Halfway to a billion images, we can conclude once and for all that the inevitable collaborative model we have been promoting since day one works and gives great value to people, organizations, and companies across the world. The now 500 million images on Mapillary are public and available for everyone, all of them processed with computer vision to create map data at scale.

Here’s the 500 millionth image, captured by Mapillary contributor @i_drive_alot.

We ran a competition to see who could guess the time of the 500 millionth image. The winners will be announced in the blog post early next week.

2019 is off to a fantastic start and we’re working hard to keep up with the increasing pace of developments, contributions, and demand for street-level imagery and map data. It is only three months since I reflected on things in our “year in review” post and since then we have launched Point Features, Capture Projects, Verification Projects, and more award-winning technology.

What’s ahead for Mapillary? 2019 will be about accuracy (recognition and positioning) and about scaling up to entirely new levels of map coverage. More on that soon.

The only sensible, scalable way to map this planet is to do it together. Collaborating on image collection and generating data with computer vision is the recipe for scalable mapping. Together, we’re building a living, breathing 3D representation the world. This includes what each place looks like, what objects there are, where they are located and how that changes over time. It is a digital replica of the world, straight from images contributed by anyone, anywhere. This is the next data platform for our cities, communities, maps, and vehicles.

As always, we owe a big thank you to our supporters out there, our amazing community, our partners, customers, investors, and the Mapillary team that works hard to make all of this happen.


/Jan Erik, on behalf of the Mapillary team

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