Announcing #CompleteTheMap V

#CompleteTheMap is back for the Northern Hemisphere summer. We’re encouraging location submissions from around the world with the goal to capture dense street-level imagery within the challenge area. The top three participants will be awarded cameras for the contributions at the end of the challenge.

Complete the Map V

The fifth edition of Complete the Map will take place during June and submissions for challenge locations are now open.

#CompleteTheMap V Timeline

You decide the location

#CompleteTheMap is a challenge in which participants compete to collect imagery within a designated area. The designated area is up to you with each participant able to submit one location. Mapillary then generates a 50km² around the nominated latitude and longitude. By collaborating with others in their area, a community may decide to coordinate nominations so that as much of a city is included as possible.

Any Mapillary community member can submit a location for #CompleteTheMap, Here is what you need:

  • An email address (for challenge updates)
  • Mapillary username
  • Name of the city/town
  • Latitude and longitude* (this will be the center of your 50 km² grid)
  • Country

The location you choose does not need to be where you live. Are you going to be on vacation in June? Submit that location instead. You can also capture imagery in the other challenge locations, so make sure to keep an eye on the leaderboard if you are going to be traveling.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing your location:

  • Each community member gets one nomination, so choose wisely.
  • If your location is near a body of water, move the center of your grid to maximize roads and trails.

*Tip: Not sure about the latitude and longitude of the place you want to nominate? Find it here.

Scoring System

The score for each participant is weighted to encourage image contributions every 5 meters or less. This is the same scoring system that was introduced in #CompleteTheMap IV.

score(s) = weight(density(s)) * UKM(s)

  • score(s) is the score sequence (s) earns
  • density(s) is the density of sequence s, which is equivalent to the number of images in the sequence / the sequence length
  • UKM(s) is the unique kilometers mapped by the sequence s. For #CompleteTheMap V, unique is a segment of road that has not already been captured in June 2019.
  • weight(d) how the density d weight UKM.
    • if density is perfect (e.g. d >= 0.2 image/meter), then weight(d) should be 1
    • if density is zero, then weight(d) should be 0

In previous challenges, some participants have edited the location of images in a way that did not reflect the actual location of the image. Editing locations can affect the scoring system so we strongly discourage this unless you are legitimately improving the accuracy of the images. Editing the location of images to unfairly alter your score could result in disqualification.


Prizes have proved popular and well-utilized in previous challenges, so we’re continuing this with some excellent cameras available for those who finish in the top three.

1st place: GoPro Fusion 360º + two 128GB SD cards
2nd place: GoPro Hero 7 Black + 128GB card
3rd place: Blackvue DR900s-1ch dashcam + 128GB card

1st and 2nd place will have the option to choose the 2nd or 3rd prize should they prefer that option. The winners will be announced in early July once we have had time to confirm all scores have been legitimately obtained and that all images are uploaded.

Team Prizes

The location with the highest score will also receive a team prize with swag for each participant with more than 1,000 images.

This will include:
- T-shirts
- Car mounts
- Stickers
- Pens


  • To be eligible for a prize, you must reach a minimum score of 100. We reserve the right to select another entrant if the scoring has been unfairly manipulated.
  • Some countries have strict customs regulations around the import of electronic equipment. If you win one of the prizes and reside in one of these countries, we will work with you to find suitable shipping arrangements.
  • The winner will be determined as the one with the highest score by the challenge end date on June 30th, 2019 at 23:59:59 UTC. Final scores will be calculated between this close date and July 4th, 2019 23:59:59 to allow final uploads to be fully processed.


#CompleteTheMap is an effective way for a community to coordinate dense image capture at a given point in time. Cities such as Kyiv, Tours, Brisbane, Budapest, and Istanbul have put together impressive collaborative efforts. Individual efforts have also stood out with amazing contributions from participants such as neogeografen, iamnunocaldeira, tastrax, and danbjoseph. Over the lifetime of #CompleteTheMap, 5 million images have been contributed to Mapillary, and that’s not including imagery captured around the nominated locations. Let’s see how much CompleteTheMap V can add to that tally and whether some new places around the world will be able to take part.

Get your location submissions in as soon as possible for #CompletetheMap V and make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with challenge updates.

Good luck, mappers!

/Edoardo, Strategic Partnerships Manager

P.S. We changed the hashtag from #CompletetheMap to #CompleteTheMap. This improves readability and will hopefully reduce the times I misspell it.

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