Introducing the Mapillary Partner Program

Many businesses and organizations, ranging from governmental to geospatial and mapping, already take advantage of our global street-level imagery platform to provide solutions for their customers. Today, we are making it easier than ever by announcing the latest and greatest iteration of our partnership program.

With computer vision powered image processing and automated feature extraction, the Mapillary platform drastically saves time and money compared to traditional methods of manual geospatial data collection. By streamlining the way ground-based image capture can be combined with powerful computer vision capabilities, we are transforming how organizations work with their assets.

Mapillary’s computer vision technology Mapillary’s computer vision technology automatically detects map data from the 590+ million image on the platform.

We have learned a lot since the launch of our platform back in 2013, and from these lessons, we are bringing a suite of new benefits to the Mapillary Partner program. Our most significant focus this time around is helping our partners grow and succeed with their own businesses. Mapillary’s fast turnaround to provide automated feature extraction from street level imagery is a great way to gain a competitive advantage for your company and to stay ahead in the game. With opportunities to co-market and participate in strategic co-selling opportunities, we will work with you to level up the value of your services by winning bigger deals with larger accounts.

“Partnering with Mapillary has given us the opportunity to expand our services online and provide up-to-date right-of-way imagery capture along with economical automated public asset mapping—ultimately saving money for our clients in government agencies.” - Ken Huisman, Vice President and COO, Marker Geospatial

Mapillary automatically detects and positions map features Mapillary automatically detects and positions 1500 different traffic signs and 42 other types of point features from trash cans to benches, available for anyone to access.

In addition to receiving technical support directly from the Mapillary team, members of the partnership program will also have a direct impact on our future product development. All of our partners will receive the opportunity to beta test future releases and help guide us towards a product that will solve the challenges faced by their customers. By providing input on our products, our partners allow us to create solutions that address their specific business needs.

“Our experience with Mapillary’s technical support has been great! The team we’ve been in contact with has been reactive, helpful and always available. The customer service has been excellent.” - Samuel Masson, Project Manager, IMMERGIS

The Mapillary Marketplace Mapillary Partners receive early access through beta testing of new products like the Mapillary Marketplace.

Ultimately, success for our partners equals success for our platform. While we will never stop adding capabilities and features from a technical perspective, we know there is a great opportunity for us to make an additional impact by contributing to the business side of the equation. Apply to become a member of the Mapillary Partner program to receive:

  • Early access to new product releases through beta testing
  • Access to products for internal use and demos
  • Referral discounts
  • Technical support
  • Co-marketing and co-selling opportunities

Visit our partners page for more information or to apply to become a Mapillary partner.

/Muthu, GIS Technical Sales Manager

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