Welcoming lvl5 Imagery and Contributors to Mapillary

Today we’re announcing hundreds of millions of new images being added to Mapillary. Following lvl5 moving on to new adventures, all images they collected through paid drivers are now coming to Mapillary—and made available to everyone.

Some of you might have heard of lvl5, a Silicon Valley-based mapping company, and that they are now moving on to new exciting things. Lvl5 collected a significant amount of street-level imagery for HD mapping through a paid dashcam app called Payver. We’re now happy to announce that we’ve been working with lvl5 to get all this imagery to the Mapillary platform, making the imagery and the data available for everyone to use. As you might guess, this involved transferring huge amounts of data from lvl5’s datacenter to ours and we even built a custom import pipeline. The import has started and you can follow the progress on the lvl5 Mapillary profile page. The entire process will take a few weeks as everything will be processed with our award-winning computer vision pipeline.

Welcome new contributors

We’d also like to welcome lvl5’s Payver contributors to Mapillary. The images contributed on Payver will now be made public on the world’s fastest-growing dataset of street-level imagery that’s available to everyone. The Mapillary dataset helps improve maps for hundreds of millions of people across the planet, made possible through our community of mappers. Sign up here to continue mapping the world with Mapillary, using our apps or dashcams.

You will notice a few differences as you map with Mapillary:

  • Your contributions are public and the map data extracted from the imagery is available to everyone
  • You can leverage the data that is extracted from the imagery across all contributors
  • You can join the Mapillary Marketplace and get paid to capture images when organizations and customers publish mapping tasks
  • You can use integrations in OpenStreetMap editors, ArcGIS, and many more tools to access the imagery and data
  • You can use our APIs and developer tools to integrate imagery and data into your applications
  • You can set up verification projects to get the community to verify things that have been machine recognized with our algorithms and again use the resulting data

Most importantly, you’re part of a big mission to map our planet and make the result available to everyone. To help Payver contributors to get started with Mapillary, we have prepared this page.

Here’s what these images look like on Mapillary.


We’d like to thank the lvl5 team for working with us on this import, and for their contributions to open and collaborative mapping. We wish them all the best for their new endeavors.

/Jan Erik, CEO and co-founder

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