See Your Mapillary Milestones in the iOS App

Our newest feature in the iOS app lets you see the milestones you’ve reached as a Mapillary contributor, and the next goals that await.

With Mapillary, anyone can capture images of the places that matter to them. Right now there are close to 800 million images across the world on the platform, available to everyone for making better maps.

We could never have come to where we are today without you, our contributors. One way to show our appreciation is our Milestones Program where we recognize your individual achievements. You may have noticed an email popping into your inbox when reaching new milestones.

Today, we’re releasing a version of our iOS app where we’ll be trying out Milestones as well. That means you can see directly in the app just how far you’ve come and what is the next milestone that awaits you.

This is an experimental feature, currently in Beta. We're looking forward to learning how you interact with this feature and what you think of it, so we'll know if it's something to develop further (and also include in our Android app).

You can find Achievements in the profile view in the latest version of Mapillary for iOS. Each level is based on the number of uploaded images. It’s also a secret what each level means and unlocks, and there is only one way to find out—capture and upload images!

Here at Mapillary, our very own Chris currently has a whopping 3.2 million images uploaded and thus has reached Level 7. Can you beat him?

/Anders, Mobile Apps Lead

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