Mapillary on the AWS Marketplace: An Even Easier Way for AWS Customers to Get the Map Data They Need

We have published 20 Mapillary datasets on the AWS Marketplace to make it easier than ever for AWS customers to access the map data they need.

Data continues to rule the world. In the case of maps, they are only ever as good as the data that was used to make them. If the data is outdated, inaccurate, or misleading in any other way, the map will be the same. Meanwhile, the world is changing at a fast pace. Logistics firms are under mounting pressure to deliver an increasing number of parcels on a daily basis, ride-hailing companies need detailed information on pick-up and drop-off locations, and mapping companies need to keep up with urban and rural developments to make sure that their maps are showing the world like it is.

In other words, access to map data has never been more important. That’s why we’re so happy to announce that we’ve made Mapillary datasets readily available on the newly launched AWS Marketplace. The datasets range from Traffic Signs and Lane Markings in selected regions to algorithmic training data, and is the kind of data that is already helping to improve the maps that hundreds of millions of people use every day.

Traffic signs in Arizona, automatically detected by Mapillary Traffic signs in Arizona, automatically detected by Mapillary’s computer vision algorithms and available on the AWS Marketplace

Making these datasets available on the AWS Marketplace means that any AWS customer can now find, subscribe to, and integrate Mapillary data into applications for mapping and spatial analysis that are already running on AWS, all through AWS. The subscription costs are automatically included in the existing AWS invoice. In a nutshell, Mapillary on the AWS Marketplace gives millions of AWS customers easier access to map data.

There are currently 20 Mapillary datasets available on the AWS Marketplace. If you need any other map data in any other area, browse our Data page or reach us at

/Janine, VP of Business Development and Operations

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