Unveiling the Mapping in Logistics Report: The Impact of Broken Maps on Last-Mile Deliveries

We spoke to hundreds of delivery drivers across the US to find out how maps impact their work on a daily basis. It turns out that broken maps are a $6-billion-problem to logistics companies in the US alone.

Maps have never been more important to logistics companies. Online shopping continues to rise while several e-commerce giants rolled out same-day-delivery across the US last year, putting increased pressure on the ability to get from A to B as fast and as painlessly as possible. Most people would probably just find it a bit irritating when they’re not able to find a building entrance fast enough or when they get directed through inefficient routes, but to logistics companies, this quickly becomes a multi-million-dollar-problem.

To get a grasp of how big this issue is, we spoke to hundreds of delivery drivers across the US to find out how map problems impact them on a daily basis. We found that logistics companies lose some $6 billion every year as a direct result of maps lacking detailed information or simply being outdated.

Mapping in Logistics Report Problems with broken maps range from faulty routes to maps lacking information—or even showing the wrong information

Here are some of the findings: - Faulty routes cost US logistics companies $611 million every year. - Missing information about building entrances means logistics companies waste more than 7 million minutes every day trying to find the drop-off location—that’s 13 years going down the drain every day. - Maps directing drivers to the wrong location cost logistics companies $2.5 billion annually.

It’s no wonder that 99% of drivers say they would be more efficient if they had better maps. Almost all drivers (95%) have experienced some kind of map problems, ranging from road names being incorrect to not knowing the difference between delivery entrances and street addresses.

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/Fredrik, Director of Business Development

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