Visualize the Future of Cities with Mapillary in ArcGIS Urban

ArcGIS Urban, Esri’s new product for smart city planning, is now featuring a Mapillary integration. Bring street-level imagery side by side with 3D models of projects for a better understanding of how cities will evolve.

Mapillary view in ArcGIS Urban

We have been partnering with Esri for quite some time to bring the street-level perspective into ArcGIS tools—used by cities and agencies across the world to manage geospatial information. Mapillary integrations are available for ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, and Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.

To give you even more data from the street level, Mapillary is now also integrated into one of Esri’s latest products for smart city planning. ArcGIS Urban provides an immersive 3D experience that lets you visualize projects in your local area. This web-based tool makes it easy to collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders, helping you improve decision-making about zoning, land use, and development.

3D models in ArcGIS Urban

Mapillary imagery in ArcGIS Urban enables you to compare the planned developments in your city with the way that it looks today in real life. In the street-level view mode, you will see them side by side on a split screen. As you pan and navigate around either the future or the present view, the comparison view will conveniently follow your movements.

3D model and Mapillary view in ArcGIS Urban

3D model and Mapillary view in ArcGIS Urban

Before you can start, you need to first enable the street-level mode in the ArcGIS Urban general settings (see this tutorial to learn how to do that). Then, you will see an icon for street-level imagery at the bottom right corner of your project view.

Button for Mapillary view

Drag and drop it somewhere onto the green lines that signify Mapillary coverage to call up the split view of the 3D model and street-level imagery. For a more detailed tutorial, see ArcGIS Urban resources.

Accessing the Mapillary view

To see how the present and future come together in Mapillary and ArcGIS Urban, you can sign up for the free trial. To enable the Mapillary integration, you need to have a Mapillary account so you can retrieve an access key, as explained in the instructions here (scroll down). If you’d like to license Mapillary imagery in an area or capture your own to use it in ArcGIS tools, get in touch with us.

/Katrin, Product Marketing Manager

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