Call for Updates: Confirming Mapillary Username and Email

By April 18th, 2021, it is critical that every Mapillary user has an updated email address that is fully functional and can receive important account emails. Read on for details.

Mapillary is planning important platform updates for 2021, and to accomplish this it is crucial that our users have their information compliant with new policies in support of better security measures and streamlined user account management. Our goal is to ensure usernames and emails are neither duplicated nor invalid. Mapillary is asking our users to work with us on making this happen seamlessly.

Mapillary has addressed many past support requests for changing a username or email. To better accommodate the community needs, updating your Mapillary username or email address is now easier than ever: simply visit your profile dashboard to make the change. By April 18th, 2021, it is critical that every Mapillary user has an updated email address that is fully functional and can receive important emails, like password resets and critical account notifications. You run the risk of getting locked out of your Mapillary account if your email address is outdated, you don’t use it anymore, you can’t access it, or it no longer exists. Be sure to update your email address as soon as possible.

Updated email policies

Mapillary is also streamlining the requirements for user emails, meaning that using a duplicate email is no longer allowed. This specifically includes using an alias as well. Some email providers allow adding a + symbol to create an alias, and Gmail allows creating an alias with extra periods in the email address. For example if your email address is, you must register with this email, while my.mapillaryaddress@domain.mly, as well as mymapillaryaddress+category@domain.mly, will be counted as a duplicate if you sign up for a second account. If you only signed up with an alias, such as while not using your original email such as, that’s totally acceptable, as long as you only use one version of your email. For Gmail, you also cannot register two accounts with as well as; only one of these is allowed.

In summary, each Mapillary user account must have a unique email address, and cannot have aliases. If you’ve previously signed up with multiple aliases of your email address, you will receive a notification prompting you to change the email, or combine your multiple accounts. The goal is to enhance the security of our platform and your user account, and we need your help to make this as effective as possible.

Social logins

If you are using a social login, including with your Facebook, Google, or OpenStreetMap account, you should also make sure to check your profile dashboard and make sure the email address listed is one you can access for critical emails. If you use a social login, but cannot access the email address associated with your social account, you could still get locked out of your Mapillary account due to not being able to access password reset emails and other critical messages. It is best to change your email to one you can always access, even if logging in with social logins.


Username duplicates are also no longer allowed, despite previous standards allowing case sensitive usernames. A few users who have duplicate names (e.g. Username and username) will be notified that they need to make a change, otherwise Mapillary will lowercase the name and append random characters to differentiate the name. For example, Username will automatically become username123 and the user can change it at a later date through the dashboard.

Make sure to login and update your email and username by April 18 if you think it may conflict with the new requirements, or even if you’d just like to make a change. As always, we look forward to having you along on the Mapillary journey, as we grow the platform and map the world together!

/ Chris

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