Mapillary's Commitment to Overture

Mapillary and The Overture Foundation are partnering to help improve open map data for all.
Boris Masis
15 May 2023

Mapillary & Overture

We believe collaboration always wins. We recently updated the Mapillary terms to permit the use of Mapillary to develop, edit, and contribute content to the interoperable open map data project Overture Maps Foundation alongside OpenStreetMap.

A Brief Introduction to Overture

Launched in December 2022, the Overture project is working to unite various sources of open map data to construct a high-quality, comprehensive global map. The goal is to support thousands of mapping and location-based applications for both commercial and public purposes.

Overture is a data-centric map project, not a community of individual map editors. Therefore, Overture is intended to be complementary to OSM. Overture combines OSM with other sources to produce new open map data sets. A recent example is building heights derived from USGS’ Lidar data which Overture incorporated into its most recent release.

An Active Collaboration

Mappers around the world capture, upload, and analyze street-level imagery and data with Mapillary. Now this imagery can help power next-generation map products by being incorporated into reliable, easy-to-use, and interoperable Overture open map data.

The updated terms highlight Overture Maps Foundation alongside Mapillary’s existing commitment to OpenStreetMap:

“As part of our commitment to OpenStreetMap and the Overture Maps Foundation, we permit you and others to use the Mapillary Services, and all data and content included therein (including User Content), to develop, edit and contribute content to OpenStreetMap or the Overture Maps Foundation. Your contributions to OpenStreetMap or the Overture Maps Foundation are subject to each entity’s terms, and you agree to comply with those terms.”