Is your Dash Cam/Action Cam supported? (With these updates - it just might be!)

With Version 4.0, the Mapillary Desktop Uploader has now officially added ExifTool integration, bringing support for a broader range of cameras and video formats. Is your dashcam/action camera supported by Mapillary? With the latest changes, it just might be – let the Mapillary team know!
Boris Masis
Nikola Pleša
7 September 2023

Expanded Camera Support

The 4.0 version of the Mapillary Desktop Uploader (and also mapillary_tools) introduced ExifTool integration, enabling support for the upload of images and videos from a much wider range of cameras than before. This includes dash cameras and action cameras from BlackVue, Anker, Vantrue, Viofo and many others – if you were unable to upload to Mapillary due to limited camera support before, or had to do complicated workflows to convert videos to images, now is the time to try uploading directly!

We’d love to hear from you – can you drag & drop videos from your dash cam or action camera into the Mapillary Desktop Uploader? If you’d rather not fill out the form, you can also post in the forum.

We’ll be updating this spreadsheet of supported cameras with your responses.

/Nikola & Boris