Mapillary Raster Tiles Are Back

Next to vector tiles, we're glad to bring back Mapillary raster tiles to enable better mapping.

Although we switched our APIs to Mapbox vector tiles and implicitly deprecated the old raster tiles one year ago, we’ve been hearing from the community that the raster tiles are still useful and even necessary in many cases. We are therefore glad to let you know that all raster tiles are back for the sake of better mapping.

Raster tiles are available from zoom levels 0 to 17. We update both raster and vector tiles every hour, so your uploads or changes should be reflected on the tiles within this timeframe.

The base endpoint of Mapillary raster tiles is:

For integrations you normally use:{z}/{x}/{y}.png
Or as a shortcut:

Here is how to use the raster tiles.


L.tileLayer('{z}/{x}/{y}.png', {
    maxZoom: 17,
    id: 'mapillary.sequences'

You can see the result on the demo page.


For the OpenStreetMap JOSM editor, you can just add a new TMS entry in the preferences with the value of{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png.

The normal JOSM edit view: config

Adding the TMS source for Mapillary: config

Select the layer and see the result: config


In the OsmAnd Android app you can add a new map source and use it as a map overlay. See Mapillary Ambassador Nuno's blog post for the details.

The result:



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