Notifications and Emails

Over the last few weeks you may have noticed that there has been increasingly more and better emails from Mapillary. We were testing things out and at first there were too many of them and the layout was not great. You can change your notification settings here..

That’s all a part of how we like to work. We release new features as soon as we can and then we iterate until we get it right (with feedback from you guys!). The road to get here has been quite long and enabling the feed was the first part of it.


The notifications are completely automatic and you are automatically subscribed to them.


You will now get a notification once we registered all of your uploaded photos and one when you can see them on the map. You will also get notifications if somebody comments or interacts with your photos.

Area Notifications

But there is more. We also added a new feature where you are able to subscribe that what's happening in a region or a country. Go to the settings page for notifications and scroll down. You will see something like this:

Area Notifications

Just search for a region or a country, click on it, and we will notify you as soon as there is any activity in your regions.

At the moment, region is the lowest level at which you can subscribe. We are actively looking for good shapes to use at the city level. Any tips are welcome. As always the more feedback from you guys the better we can make Mapillary. Tune your notification settings here..

Hope you will enjoy this improvement as much as we do. Over and out.

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