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User activity and @ mentions

by Kamil Nikel, Posted on 18 Dec 2014

Kamil Nikel

New ways of following your progress and interacting are coming! We have just added the possibility to see interactions from you and other users - e.g. uploads, image processing status, comments, mentions, blur requests, edits, etc.

Tech Sneak Peek: Navigating Your Photos in 3D

by Pau Gargallo, Posted on 15 Dec 2014

Pau Gargallo

Ever since we started the OpenSfM project, we have been exploring the potentials of the 3D reconstructions built using photos contributed by Mapillary users.

Hello. Hola. 你好. Cześć. Hallo. Hej.

by Jan Erik Solem, Posted on 17 Nov 2014

Jan Erik Solem

One of the most exciting things with working on Mapillary is that everything we do is global. Our apps are available everywhere and we make no restrictions on who can contribute from where. Being available globally from day one also presents some challenges.

Open Sourcing 3D City Reconstruction

by Jan Erik Solem, Posted on 14 Nov 2014

Jan Erik Solem

One of the downsides of using simple devices for mapping the world is that the GPS accuracy is not always great, especially in cities with tall buildings. Since the start we have always wanted to correct this using image matching and we are now making progress in that area.

Mapillary for Long Hikes

by Peter Neubauer, Posted on 27 Oct 2014

Peter Neubauer

A few weeks ago one of our users, malenki, asked us if it would be feasible to use Mapillary to record an extensive and truly fantastic hike over the course of 10 days in Albania. Turns out it is. He has written a great blog post about the hardware setup.

Mapillary in the OpenStreetMap iD Editor

by Peter Neubauer, Posted on 21 Oct 2014

Peter Neubauer

As we have written in an earlier blog post, we have been working with the OpenStreetMap iD editor developers to integrate Mapillary as a source for editing OpenStreetMap.

Sharing, finally!

by Kamil Nikel, Posted on 15 Oct 2014

Kamil Nikel

Mapillary is getting social! Today we’ve added a way to easily share images you like. Introducing: the share modal. Below you'll find a quick run through of the most important aspects.

Covering all Viewing Directions of a Track

by Peter Neubauer, Posted on 12 Oct 2014

Peter Neubauer

Mapillary is increasingly used for many different scenarios, and the question of how to best cover a certain track or trail comes up a lot. In order to display it on a web page and provide the best view of a track all useful directions should be covered as much as possible.

Setting Up The Android Mapillary App With An External GPS

by Peter Neubauer, Posted on 01 Oct 2014

Peter Neubauer

There are a number of very capable, cheap Bluetooth GPS devices out there like this Garmin GLO which gets much better accuracy than a normal smartphone. Most of them work out-of-the-box with iOS, but on Android some setup steps are required to get them working.

Privacy Policy and Terms

by Jan Erik Solem, Posted on 13 Sep 2014

Jan Erik Solem

Six months after our launch it is now time for an update of our policies. While our previous terms regulated what we can do with photos contributed to Mapillary we decided that more clarity and detail would be helpful on things like how you are allowed to use the service, your rights to photos, how we handle your personal data, copyright infringement and more.

Now Supporting Panoramas and Photo Spheres

by Jan Erik Solem, Posted on 10 Sep 2014

Jan Erik Solem

Uploading panoramas

Mapillary iD Editor for OpenStreetMap

by Peter Neubauer, Posted on 19 Aug 2014

Peter Neubauer

We have been working closely with the OpenStreetMap community in order to find the best way to leverage all the fantastic coverage that is starting to emerge on Mapillary to improve OpenStreetMap data.

jq - JSON Power For The Terminal

by Peter Neubauer, Posted on 12 Aug 2014

Peter Neubauer

Do you find yourself sometimes writing small scripts just to introspect some JSON? Say we want to get some image from the Mapillary API, the URL for getting GeoJSON from an image search is

Time Filtering and Web Interface Improvements

by Kamil Nikel, Posted on 07 Aug 2014

Kamil Nikel

Filtering & Interface Improvements

Upload Scripts

by Jan Erik Solem, Posted on 21 Jul 2014

Jan Erik Solem

Here's a post for those of you who upload from a computer, because you use other cameras like GoPro or Garmin Virb, or because you offload photos when your phone is getting full. In our Mapillary Tools repository we have the tools you need. Just clone or download to get started.

Introducing Places and Regional Stats

by Johan Gyllenspetz, Posted on 24 Jun 2014

Johan Gyllenspetz

We are continuing our work on showing all the great data that we have. Recently we added connections and notifications to connect mappers.

Making Connections and New Profile Pages

by Jan Erik Solem, Posted on 22 Jun 2014

Jan Erik Solem

At Mapillary, our main task is connecting the many photos uploaded to the service. We do this all the time, in the background, using computer vision and reasoners.

Using an Action Camera with GPS

by Jan Erik Solem, Posted on 16 Jun 2014

Jan Erik Solem

Here's another workflow posts for you, this time about action cameras that have GPS. I have had my eyes on the Garmin Virb after seeing it at bike races and finally gave it a try.

Privacy Blurring - Now in the Editor

by Johan Gyllenspetz, Posted on 25 May 2014

Johan Gyllenspetz

At Mapillary we do a lot of things with the photos you upload. One thing we do is to automatically blur license plates and peoples faces for privacy purposes. No license plate detector or face detector is perfect and sometimes we will incorrectly blur areas, sometimes we will miss important areas that needed blurring.

Flying Drones, Capturing Mapillary Tracks

by Peter Neubauer, Posted on 20 May 2014

Peter Neubauer

The task

A few days ago, we tested what it would take to capture tracks using professional equipment like the awesome drones by Intuitive Aerial in Linköping, Sweden.

A Mapillary Windows Phone App!

by Tommy Ovesen, Posted on 15 May 2014

Tommy Ovesen

Today Mapillary - the project to provide a street level view of the world - arrived at the Windows Phone platform with the first release of the app for Windows Phone 8 / 8.1.

A Capture Workflow

by Jan Erik Solem, Posted on 15 May 2014

Jan Erik Solem

This past weekend we captured some data for the upcoming Traffic Jam Session hackathon here in Malmö. Since the event is about hacking public transportation data, we mapped some of the local bus lines. We used six Android phones running the Mapillary app that captured a total of 50GB of photos.

Weekend Hack - a Mapillary GoPro Bike Mount

by Peter Neubauer, Posted on 05 May 2014

Peter Neubauer

After we sent out the car mounts after our survey, we received a lot of positive feedback. However, there are not many mounts for bikes that are suitable for Mapillary.

License Update: Now Creative Commons Share Alike

by Jan Erik Solem, Posted on 29 Apr 2014

Jan Erik Solem

It has been six weeks since we announced that we were licensing our photos with Creative Commons. The license we chose was the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 License (CC BY-NC). Our reasoning was explained in the accompanying blog post.

Bulk Editing Compass Angles - Yay!

by Peter Neubauer, Posted on 28 Apr 2014

Peter Neubauer

Today, we finally got around to implement one of the most requested editing operations for Mapillary - the bulk-straightening for all images in a sequence.

A Startup Dashboard with Google Spreadsheet

by Peter Neubauer, Posted on 04 Apr 2014

Peter Neubauer

When you are a startup, you don't have much time. In our case, we want to track some of our KPIs, as the numbers of users, images and power users over time (lots of other historic KPIs like user retention too, but that's another blog). We also want have a nice dashboard but not build a system for that.

The Disqus Integration is Working - Let's Start Talking!

by Peter Neubauer, Posted on 19 Mar 2014

Peter Neubauer

Hi there, you probably have seen the disqus footers under the Mapillary pictures. While this has been working for a while (we are talking days here :), we now have integrated a polling on new blog posts that will mail the photographer of the image with any new updates on the discussions.

An Angular.js Confirm Dialog Directive ftw!

by Peter Neubauer, Posted on 18 Mar 2014

Peter Neubauer

We got a complaint from a user who flagged an image by accident, see this issue. As we are now entering a phase of Complaint Driven Development, this morning I found a great little fix to this. Angular.js which we use for the web client, does not come with a built-in confirmation dialogue. However, here is a great little generic confirm-button directive that avoids the onClick method and can be reused.

Mapillary Goes Creative Commons

by Jan Erik Solem, Posted on 17 Mar 2014

Jan Erik Solem

One thing we have been struggling with since starting Mapillary is the issue of licensing Mapillary photos.

Embed a Mapillary View

by Johan Gyllenspetz, Posted on 04 Mar 2014

Johan Gyllenspetz

As Mapillary is starting to grow in popularity, we got a number of requests to be able to embed the Mapillary view into other web pages. So, we built it! This is how it goes - for details, see the developer page:

Making the Static Dynamic

by Johan Gyllenspetz, Posted on 26 Feb 2014

Johan Gyllenspetz

The right stack for the job

Manual Upload

by Jan Erik Solem, Posted on 21 Feb 2014

Jan Erik Solem

One question we get a lot is if you can upload photos that you have taken with another camera, outside of our apps. Maybe you have some great street sequences taken with your DSLR or older photos that you would like to add.

Mapillary to OpenStreetMap

by Johan Gyllenspetz, Posted on 20 Feb 2014

Johan Gyllenspetz

We have been working with the OpenStreetMap community lately and we wanted to investigate how Mapillary can be used as a tool for some serious mapping.

Photo Capture Modes

by Jan Erik Solem, Posted on 13 Feb 2014

Jan Erik Solem

With our latest update to the iPhone and Android apps today, we made some changes in how you capture photos. Where before, you selected "photo" or "sequences" when launching the camera, we now added three capture modes:

Editing Uploads

by Johan Gyllenspetz, Posted on 31 Jan 2014

Johan Gyllenspetz

Starting out Mapillary with the idea of crowdsourcing street view photos using smartphones we were fully aware of the limitations of the devices used. Typically, your phone will at best give position within a few meters accuracy, sometimes a lot more than a few meters.

Mapillary for Android

by Jan Erik Solem, Posted on 24 Jan 2014

Jan Erik Solem

The number one thing people have been asking us during our short history is "when will you have an Android app"?

A Graph of Images

by Jan Erik Solem, Posted on 21 Jan 2014

Jan Erik Solem

Yesterday we updated the site with some major changes. Some of you may have noticed that loading the photos after clicking the map took a long time for certain locations with lots of photos.

Welcome to Mapillary!

by Jan Erik Solem, Posted on 01 Jan 2014

Jan Erik Solem

With this post we are starting our company blog to share long-form content on topics that we are passionate about and topics that relate to Mapillary. For announcements and short-style content, follow us on twitter.